Speech & Language Services

Firefly Speech Therapy is a boutique practice specializing in speech, language, and literacy services, parent workshops, and community-based screenings.

Tailored therapy to best suit your children in developing their communication skills

We understand each child requires a deep connection and nurturing environment to develop their communication skills.

We Specialize In The Following:

What to expect - Therapy Process

Free Initial
Phone Consultation

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Elizabeth to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

Diagnostic Evaluations

If appropriate an evaluation will be scheduled, including formal and dynamic measures.

Assessment Report &

We'll discuss assessment results and recommend a plan that's specific to your child.

Therapy Sessions

Together we’ll start working to accomplish your goals!

Literacy Instruction

Firefly Speech Therapy treats all aspects of language, including reading and writing. Utilizing Lindamood-Bell’s research-based Seeing Stars® program, literacy skills are strengthened through symbol imagery – the cognitive ability to visualize sounds and letters in words. Symbol imagery creates the foundation for phonemic awareness, orthographic awareness, word attack, word recognition, spelling, and reading fluency. There’s nothing like watching a child beam with confidence as decoding skills become more automatic.

Parent Workshops

What if you could improve your child’s communication skills through the activities you’re already doing? Research shows that children learn best in their natural environment, through daily routines with their family.

The Hanen approach recognizes you as your child’s first teacher and the most important person in their life. Firefly Speech Therapy is proud to be one of the only providers in the Treasure Valley to offer Hanen workshops for parents.

Together we collaborate to make communication a natural part of everyday life, so speech therapy occurs throughout your child’s day. Parents learn how to turn any routine into an opportunity to spark language development.

Hanen workshops consist of 6 small group Zoom sessions and 3-4 individual consultations.  It Takes Two to Talk is a program designed for parents of children with a language delay. More Than Words supports parents of young children with social communication difficulties or on the autism spectrum. 

Contact Elizabeth to join a free orientation session. 

“More Than Words felt very natural and emphasized connecting with our daughter by observing and listening to her in ways many of our other resources have not emphasized. We have noticed almost immediate results and look forward to experiencing our daughter’s continued progress.”

-Al V.


Educators know early intervention is key. 

  • Do you have students who are difficult to understand?
  • Have challenges following directions or expressing themselves in the classroom?
  • A simple screening can help determine if speech and language skills are age appropriate or if further assessment may be recommended.

If you are interested in setting up a complimentary screening at your school please contact Elizabeth for more information.