Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Narrative is another word for story. Narrative skills include understanding, retelling, and creating our own personal stories to share with others.

Studies have shown that narrative is the best predictor of outcomes for children with language disorders both in preschool and elementary school. Narratives teach a variety of language skills (grammar, syntax, vocabulary, sequencing, perspective-taking), are essential for social relationships, and are even associated with psychological well-being.

Teletherapy is an evidence based-practice which also happens to be flexible and fun. Services are provided conveniently and securely through Zoom, a HIPAA compliant platform. Children find therapy interactive and engaging, while parents love that sessions are as effective as in-person therapy, without the traffic.

No one was more skeptical of teletherapy than Elizabeth. However during Covid, she noticed her students were not only more comfortable in their home environment, they were more communicative. Parents felt more involved too, which created greater carry-over of skills and often more progress.

Speech focuses on how a child pronounces or articulates sounds and words. Language skills include vocabulary, grammar, following directions, answering questions, and putting words together in a meaningful way to connect with others. At Firefly Speech Therapy we can help with both. 

Many parents hope their child will grow out of it, but research shows again and again the power of early intervention. Language delays in young children have been linked to academic difficulties later on, which is why it’s crucial to identify and treat a language difficulty as soon as possible. Trust your instincts.

Firefly Speech Therapy is a private pay service. This allows us to maintain a low caseload and devote more time to each child and family – making more progress in less time. Superbills are provided for reimbursement through insurance, health savings accounts (HSA), and flexible spending accounts (FSA).